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Embark on your THC adventure with our Minnesota KushCo Green Apple Delta 9 Vegan Gummies. Each gummy delivers a mild 5mg dose of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, designed to soothe without overwhelming. Perfect for those dipping their toes into the world of THC or those in need of a subtle relief, these gummies provide a gentle lift to help ease the stresses of daily life. Lovingly made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality, our gummies are crafted from purely natural, vegan-friendly ingredients.


Delve into the delicious world of our Green Apple Delta 9 Gummies and experience a balanced, serene state that enhances your day without the intensity often associated with THC. Don't wait to try these delights that perfectly blend health consciousness with pure enjoyment!


Product Details

  • Servings Per Container: 10 gummies
  • Amount Per Serving: 5mg Delta-9 THC
  • THC Content: Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by weight


Minnesota KushCo Green Apple Delta 9 Vegan Gummies

  • In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production across the United States, our Delta 9 THC gummies meet legal standards with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. Enjoy them confidently, knowing they are fully compliant with federal laws.

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