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Achieve a restful night's sleep with Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies. Each bottle contains 900mg of premium full-spectrum CBD combined with melatonin and CBN to support better sleep. With 30mg per serving and a delicious nighttime berry flavor, these gummies are perfect for those seeking a natural and tasty way to enhance their sleep routine. Each gummy also includes a small amount of THC, ensuring the full benefits of the entourage effect.


These gummies are crafted to deliver the utmost in quality and effectiveness, providing you with the benefits of CBD, melatonin, and CBN in a convenient, delicious format. Embrace the natural way to support your sleep with Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies.

Gomitas para Dormir con CBD de Joy Organics - 900mg con Melatonina, CBN y THC

    • Premium Full Spectrum CBD: Contains 900mg of high-quality CBD with melatonin and CBN.
    • Nighttime Support: Includes melatonin and CBN to help regulate sleep cycles and improve sleep quality.
    • Delicious Flavor: Nighttime berry flavor for a pleasant taste experience.
    • Convenient Dosage: 30mg of CBD per serving in easy-to-eat gummies.
    • Full Spectrum: Contains THC for the full entourage effect.
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